Marc Allain

Mobile developer

I develop mobile applications in React Native, a language allowing to write a single program to get compatible mobile applications on iOS and Android. Thanks to this language, I can provide you applications that are :

- available on both platforms
- performing
- Native design and components (specific to iOS or Android)


- React Native application development for iOS and Android
- Design of the back-end of the application via Node, Apollo, Prisma, GraphQL, PostgreSQL.
- Instant updates, without going through the stores
- Application Usage Analysis Data
- Publishing on AppStore and PlayStore

I pledge to:
- Deliver the application on time, as far as it depends on me
- To provide quality work, in accordance with the specifications
- Be available and reachable during the mission to answer your questions, advise you, etc...
- Provide you with regular reports on the progress of the work

I use the following tools, but I am open to the use of other tools:
- Slack (or Skype) for communication
- Trello for project management
- Github for versioning

I prefer to telework but remain open to a visit to your premises. Do not hesitate to contact me, I would be happy to answer your questions.


I went through University and two famous schools, one in computer engineering and the other in computer sciences.

But my point is the education is irrelevant in technologies field because whatever we learnt, this will always be outdated by the new technologies. Thus, the best skill to have is the ability to learn fast and adapt every time.

It appears that I have this skill, that is the reason why you should call on me.


Apart from being a mobile developer, I enjoy most of my time being curious. I am being interested in music, sport, aerospace, geopolitics and astrophysics. If you have any ability, knowledge or interest in these domains, feel free to contact me for a smart talk.

Also, I enjoy discovering new technologies and frameworks and applying them to my businesses.