Marc Allain

Web developer

France · (+33) 6 47 97 29 50 ·

My point is, every company -even the smallest- should have a website. Online visibility is an essential tool for growth hacking. Do not wait to contact me, so that we can discuss the perfect website you need.


Experienced in many languages, I am attracted by web development and a faster learner of new technologies and frameworks.

Web developer

I ran many websites such as a marketplace, a lawyer's site and a student association's website.

System projects


Recoding the malloc system function, using a first-fit implementation.


Implementing a program able to recognize an ISO file, acording to ISO9660, then read files into it.


Creating a program allowing to download and upload torrents, following the official BitTorrent protocol.


Implementing a raytracer in order to render scenes described in an input file and save the result in a PPM image.


Computer engineering school EPITA

Computer Engineering
September 2017 - July 2020

Innovative engineering college 42

Computer Engineering
November 2017 - never ending

East Paris Creteil University (UPEC)

Double Licence in Mathematics and Computer Science
September 2014 - August 2017


Apart from being a web developer, I enjoy most of my time being curious. I am being interested in music, sport, aerospace, geopolitics and astrophysics. If you have any ability, knowledge or interest in these domains, feel free to contact me for a smart talk.

Also, I enjoy discovering new technologies and frameworks and applying them to my businesses.